OGAT Computer Science Revision

Monday 13th May - Morning Exam

Thursday 16th May - Afternoon Exam

Welcome to the Outwood Grange Academies Trust Revision Portal for Computer Science. On this website you will find a huge amount of activities and information that you can use to support your revision for your GCSE Computer Science exams.

The website includes the following revision resources and support:

  • 6-a-day Questions - these are 6 exam style questions to complete randomly selected by component
  • Questions (Split by Spec) - these are exam style questions split by specification point. If you are focusing your revision on a particular area these will be useful.
  • Algorithm-a-Day - these are algorithm tasks that you can practice to improve your confidence in completing algorithm tasks
  • LOR Questions - these are scenarios with a framework for you to use to practice structuring and answering the level of response (long answer) questions.
  • Content Summary - these pages contain a summary of the key points to remember for each specification point for each exam.
  • Quiz - this is a quiz platform with a leader board using multiple choice and short answer questions to test your knowledge.